Harry Starren

foto man Harry Starren

‘The most important contribution to society one can have is by becoming who one truly is’

Our talent is a gift to be cherished. It is easily overseen, not recognized in it’s true value. It is in the best interest of all of us, to create equal opportunities and access to institutions and facilities of learning. Not only do we need each other to become oneself, we can only prosper in a sustainable way by creating a fair society in which no one is left behind.

Harry Starren (1955) currently is Managing Director of Ithaca International, his own firm. He studied History at the University of Utrecht and Poltical Science and Public Administration at the University of Amsterdam. He took postdoctoral classes at Harvard (leading the professional service firm), the University of Maryland (master public administration), and at the Instituto de Empresa (negotiation skils).

Harry Starren wrote several books. The latest is ‘Think Like a Manager, Don’t Act Like One’ (2016, BIS Publishers Amsterdam), Starren is a columnist for the Dutch Financial times (het Financieel Dagblad), The Optimist and Magazine Communication. He was during his career on the boards of several companies and public organizations.

Currently he is a member of the board of the international school of Philosophy (ISVW) an chairman of the board of VERA health and education.





Vrijen, vechten of vluchten

16 januari 2019

WAAROM ER GENERATIES ZIJN Stelling nemen in een gedicht. 1. Wie zich bewust is van de wereld doet geen oog dicht. 2. Wie niet voldoende slaapt, wordt een bedreiging voor zichzelf en zijn omgeving. 3. Wie wakker wil zijn moet voldoende slapen. 4. Maar wat gebeurt er met de wereld als wij ingeslapen zijn? 5. … Lees verder