Festival 2024

Workshop Social Sculpture I Nicole Caodie

Workshop Social Sculpture

Poetic Terrains: NoWhere, NowHere


Positioned within the paradigm of social sculpture, ‘NoWhere // NowHere’ emerges as an experiential in transformative dialogue and embodied practices that transcend traditional boundaries of expression. By integrating principles of Joseph Beuys’ social sculpture, the workshop endeavors to cultivate collective introspection through participatory engagement and lived experience.

Grounded embodiment practice, the workshop serves as a dynamic platform for investigating temporal, relational, and existential dimensions of human existence.

Through immersive observation of our shared humanity via active listening, participants are invited to slow down, wherein the boundaries between self, other, and environment become porous and permeable.

The first half of the workshop will be indoors before we extend to the natural world, in silent dialogue with non-human sentient beings. We will look at how the notion of social sculpture can encompass inter-species relationality and ecological interconnectedness.

The workshop will include one on one processes, timepieces, circling and goethean observation. Participants will be prompted to reflect on the ways in which the concept of time shapes our perceptions of selfhood, intersubjectivity, and our relationship with the natural world. There will be individual, dyad, triad and group sharing.

Ultimately Poetic Terrain: NoWhere // NowHere emerges as an arena of embodied collective inquiry, wherein social sculpture serves as a catalyst for fostering relationality, and ecological awareness amidst the complexities of contemporary existence.


Over Nicole Caodie

Nicole is docent beeldende kunst aan de Vrije Hogeschool. Zij is een kunstenaar die de relevantie van kruisbestuiving tussen verschillende kunstvormen onderzoekt. Haar onderzoek richt zich bijvoorbeeld op hoe choreografie, kunst en wetenschap samen kunnen komen.

Ze ontwikkelde methoden in ‘Socially Engaged Practice’. Haar doel is om intuïtie, verbeelding en inspiratie te onderzoeken en zo sculpturale processen en creatieve ontwikkeling mogelijk te maken. Daarnaast is Nicole coach in authentic relating.


Tijd: 14.45 – 16.15 uur

Locatie: Amethist, Begane Grond