Festival 2020

500 bomen voor het Talking Trees bos | opmaat #2

Without knowing it, we have lived with other sentient beings
They nurtured us, sheltered us, fed us and warmed us.
But in our ignorance we used them and abused them

Until we heard their music and gave them a voice

We are one tribe
When we breathe out, they breathe in
When they breathe out, we breathe in
We share their origins
We even share their DNA

Knowing this now, we have to reverse our roles
It’s time to protect them, shelter them
And in doing so, save ourselves

And by giving trees a voice
We can share their plight with everyone

So listen up
There is still hope for the trees
There is music in their message
We need more trees

So add your voice to the forest
Help us to plant more trees
And together we will turn their melody into a world of harmony.”

Dwarslopers komen in actie en helpen Bert Barten bij het planten van zijn eerste Talking Trees bos. Help jij mee om 500 dwarslopers bomen te verzamelen tot het Dwarslopers Festival?Kom naar de lezing met demonstratie en Q&A op het Dwarslopers Festival.

Illustratie: Miro Nieuwenhuis