Heart revolution

3 years ago I could not have imagined that this would be my home. I didn’t plan on it, I didn’t have it on my bucket list or vision board. It seems to be the result of quite consequently saying yes to my heart. Something that has been so clear to me since I was very young; how I could feel my heart desire and the almost unstoppable impulse to do what my heart was longing for. The feeling of a pull, and the direct uncontrollable smile if I started to follow the pull. It takes a bit of courage sometimes, to say yes to the unknown, and perhaps I have a courageous essence. But more than that I feel the enormous privilege that I’m given: cultural, racial and ancestral. Thank you to the ones that have gone before me, and thank you to the ones walking alongside!!

Over time I’ve learned to say yes to much more; saying yes just as much to doubt, worry, and fear, saying yes to sadness and anger and grief. I’ve started to trust what my heart feels and how it shows up, and trust this as the exact right starting point. Today my heart felt heavy. Without a clear reason, as much as I would have liked to have one. I decided that it was ok. Actually ok. No need for change, for fixing, for optimizing myself. And my heart started to soften, melt, and brought me to the ocean. Thank you heart for being my strongest guidance in life.

What is your heart responding to? Do you need some enCOURAGEment, because it seems impossible, too big, too scary? Or does your heart simply long to be witnessed, exactly as it is? I stand with you and with your heart! I trust your heart!
Heart revolution


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